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    Satisfactory medical services are required for any locality of the world. Whether it has any global event or global catastrophes, the need for medical services is a must. There are various medical volunteering camps worldwide to minimize the risk of diseases. The event manager should ensure medical coverage wherever necessary. The need for first aid is also important irrespective of the event or any place. 

    There are some aspects in which we can discuss some points to seek attention on. These points will help me know about the topic in a more specified and discretized format. 

    • Reliable Supplier
    • Requirement of human resources
    • Management of Medical Equipment
    • Accessibility and Support 
    • Windup Services

    Reliable Supplier

    An experienced and impressive track record in identifying the medical service supplier. They should professionally run their medical station with no compromise in any situation. It is the most effective way to pledge to the supplier for higher learning after school. CAMTS approves and provides proof of quality to ensure the services. They should be experienced in running the firm with proper reliable suppliers. For no compromise of credibility, smooth running is a must for most effective results. The supplier should be reliable for providing all the needs in the medical camps. 

    Requirement of Human Resources

    To provide appropriate treatments to the patients, the need for skillful staff is the basic requirement. People tend to trust the doctor when we are talking about their health. So proper staff evaluation is required, and all the guidelines are mandatory for the doctors to fulfill that spot. There should be the availability of a unique team for every department for proper workability. This will help event medical service providers see the suited working in the tough times of medical emergency. There should be a higher doctor in the post to take all the tough decisions with the proper mindset. A legal firm should help provide all the necessary data of storage, communications, logistics, etc., to overcome all the issues with ease. 

    Management of Medical Equipment

    Effective management of logistics and medical equipment is mandatory for any medical profession. The logistics department should be operating as follows:

    •  Ambulances
      •  It should be available in standby mode. 
      • It should be well equipped.
      • Presence of trained doctors and nurses.

    But if the distance is high, then the ambulance is not a good option.

    • Air Support
      • It is best for critical patients.
      • It is best in high altitudes.
      • It should have preliminary facilities.

    Medical equipment should be in well and operative conditions. The latest models are preferable. Because in the present scenario, new diseases and their variants are introduced, e.g., coronavirus is the main disease, and delta virus and omnivirus are their variants. To identify those, we need the latest equipment. 


    This is the basic needed for an event to run. The need for radio and phones will help identify the situations and move accordingly. As the ‘event’ name speaks, there should be an ample audience present in the event, and subsequently, the need for radio and phones becomes necessary. The medical and event management teams should be well-coordinated and well communicated in any pressing situation. 

    Accessibility and Support

    For the better success of the event, dispersion of the information is mandatory. As anyone can need medical help, doctors or the medical team cannot be available at all the places. Hence, the dispersion of the information is a must. Proper mannered and responsible people should be there in the team for the well-mannered coordination and handling of the patients. Stretchers and wheelchairs and trained nurses should be accessible on the spot of requirement. Basic First Aid and medicines should be a priority for the event medical staff. Reinforcement teams should always be on the standby mode for any medical emergency. 

    Windup Services

    Once the event is over, they have to submit the summary to the officials regarding all the medical emergencies. In summary, they provide the details of the medicines used and doctors operated on, the number of emergencies, uses of logistics, present scenario of patient’s conditions, an overview of the event, etc. These services will help the event management know the possible situations and will according for the future events that are going to take place. 


    We have seen numerous events in which the failure of events leads only to not having proper event medical support. Tragedies like stampedes, mob leaching, fire, and quarrels may happen during the events. Event medical services are an essential part of any event. Event medical services contain not only medical support but also contains practitioners, pharmacy, and air & ground logistics support. Thus the requirement for event medical services is a necessary and requisite part of any event. 

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