About Us

Air Medical 24X7 is able to fulfill its purpose of providing an exceptional standard of care thanks to its cutting-edge medical planes and the most qualified and reputable medical personnel in the sky. Air Medical 24X7 employs its own dispatch, flight, and medical crews and owns and operates all of the aircraft. This vertical integration guarantees seamless service and top-notch care around the clock. Our primary strength is a global, highly skilled, and experienced air medical crew. We are committed to attending to even the smallest things and are passionate about traveling the world to serve, support, and save people. 

Air Medical 24X7 operates with a fleet of helicopters, which are fitted with advanced life support equipment and offer the safest transportation experience possible. Air ambulances contain stretchers, medications, ventilators, infusion pumps, suction pumps, ECMOs, and other life-saving tools. The FAA has approved all of the equipment commonly used in air ambulances. Air Medical 24X7 proudly serves customers from all over the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In times of crisis, we are always available to provide skilled, dependable advice.

Our Features

  • Economical yet best in service
  • Experienced and dedicated medical staff
  • 24X7 Medical Emergency Available
  • Located in major countries
  • Wide Range of Connectivity
  • Connect with us in no time. 
  • Healthcare for every budget
  • Prompt service, even if needed, same-day


We have often seen several casualties due to insufficient medical assistance, especially ambulance delays. Our vision is to make air ambulance services prompt and accessible to all in need worldwide, and to help save as many lives as possible.


Our mission is to normalize the use of air ambulance and medical tourism services all over the world by providing prompt service at reasonable prices and promoting hospitable and kind behavior through our professional staff members.


Our goal for the coming years is to understand the air ambulance business and deliver the best-suited services to all of our clients, as well as to make medical tourism entirely easy and accessible for all clients by providing the best services available.

Our Services

Air Ambulance

We can organize your ambulance flight within hours, whether it is a patient transfer on a scheduled flight or an intensive care transfer by ambulance aircraft. Common lifesaving essentials for air ambulances include medications, ventilators, etc.

Medical Tourism

Air Medical 24x7 assists you in a variety of ways when it comes to medical tourism and related services. To drop off the patients, our ground ambulance as well as air ambulance services are additionally added, which include bed-to-bed transfers.

Medical Charter Flight

There are numerous circumstances under which someone can require the services of an air ambulance or a non-emergency medical flight. If a client needs a private aircraft with wheelchair accessibility, we have access to multiple charter flights.