Air Ambulance Service In Agartala

Air Ambulance Service In Agartala

Air Ambulance Service in Agartala is provided by Air Medical24X7 to patients who need urgent medical transportation services. We want to help people who need immediate treatment by providing air ambulances to transport them to bigger cities where they could receive treatment. Our helicopters are equipped with advanced medical equipment and trained paramedics. The helicopter is capable of transporting patients to any hospital in Agartala. We have trained paramedics who specialise in providing advanced emergency medical treatment.  Flight nurses are also there to assist paramedics while performing their duties. Their responsibilities include assisting in the administration of medication and monitoring equipment, as well as instructing patients about how to properly use devices and procedures. 

The urgent demand for an Air ambulance service in Agartala has been met by Air Medical24X7, which offers all of its services. Along with providing aid with cutting-edge medical technology, we have also trained our personnel on how to handle serious emergencies. We have a group of experts that are skilled in cutting-edge medical techniques and are prepared to provide air medical assistance anywhere in Agartala.

What are the characteristics/ features of an Air ambulance provided by Air Medical 24X7?

  1. The air ambulance at Airmedical24x7 is specially designed to transport critically ill or injured patients to hospitals.  There are different types of air ambulances depending on the type of patient to carry. However, some of them include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and aeroplanes.  
  2. We are providing air ambulance services in Agartala. 
  3.  Air ambulances at Airmedical24x7 provide emergency medical care to patients who need immediate attention. This includes trauma cases, cardiac arrest, stroke, complications and other emergencies.
  4. Our Air Ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft used to provide air medical care. We transport patients from hospitals to other hospitals and even from their home country to foreign countries. 


1. Stretcher transfer from a commercial flight


We have a stretcher bed that can be folded out into a platform. The stretcher beds are made to safely and securely support a patient and to allow the patient enough comfort. Moving a patient from one location to another requires transferring them through a stretcher bed. Patients who are in critical condition or who have sustained injuries may use this service. The patient can be moved safely and without being moved around on a stretcher. For this purpose, the aircraft at Air Medical24X7 is outfitted with the required medical gear, including a stretcher. Additionally, drapes have also been used to create a partition. An ICU is also being constructed in addition to the stretcher. 


2. Transfer from a commercial aeroplane in a wheelchair


In a wheelchair facility, Air Medical 24X7 provides specialised care to patients who need rapid medical attention. We fly wheelchair-bound patients between hospitals and other facilities on commercial aircraft. The wheelchair provider transfers the patient from a commercial aircraft. This carrier allows passengers who need wheelchair assistance to board and exit commercial aeroplanes. Being disabled restricts our ability to interact with a wide range of activities. This service enables wheelchair users to fly in style and take part in life rather than being restricted to a wheelchair.

3. Flights via Medical charter


Medical charter services are offered to patients by Airmedical24x7. We have modern life support tools like oxygen tanks, defibrillators, intravenous lines, suction devices, and other medical equipment. Patients are transported using this service to other nations or from hospital to hospital (bed to bed). To help the passengers, we have medical personnel on board.

There are two types of medical charters


Transport for medical purposes and medical evacuation. The objective of a medical evacuation is to safely return the patient to their home. Moving someone from location A to location B is the aim of medical transport. Moving a patient from one hospital to another could be necessary for this situation. The same air ambulance team, Air Medical 24×7, will offer both pick-up and drop-off services.

1. Private chartered flight

If you want to have a special experience when travelling, consider using a private charter flight service. This service often includes a pilot who can transport you anywhere in the world. As more customers have requested this kind of service over the past few years, private charter flights have grown in popularity. There are numerous benefits to flying privately vs using commercial airlines. 


5. Medical tourism 

Patients who are looking for an all-inclusive solution for their medical tourism needs might use our service. There are leading medical professionals and specialists from all around the world working with us to meet your needs. Customers who want to receive medical care while travelling abroad can choose from a wide variety of medical tourism services. These can be simple physical or more intricate surgeries like organ transplants. The use of medical tourism has a number of advantages. Patients can get the high-quality medical care that might not be offered close to home.


What type of equipment does Air Medical24x7 use?

To transfer patients, we make use of a variety of various types of aircraft and automobiles. These consist of numerous vehicles, such as ambulances, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters. Our services for air ambulances are available every day of the week, round-the-clock. This reputable air ambulance service has been utilised by many people to safely take them to their destination. 

The machinery and apparatus employed have all received FAA approval. With the aid of experienced guidelines and licensed doctors, we offer assistance and support. Our services are quite reasonable and cost-effective. At any time, we are prepared to act in an emergency. Our team members are extremely skilled and knowledgeable.


Air ambulance in Agartala is the most economical air medical service, which helps to save the life of the medical emergency patient by providing a quick diagnosis. Ample services work together to increase the survival rate of medical emergency patients and transfer them to the hospital for further treatment. People tend to trust on-air medical services as this mode provides best-in-class medical services and seek air ambulance in Alexandria for any medical emergencies. 

Questions that are often asked

1. What is contained in an Air ambulance?

Onboard an Air ambulance, you'll find respiratory devices, monitoring equipment, implanted cardiac and defibrillators, as well as a full supply of medication.

2. What is the best way to contact an air ambulance?


Anyone can email or contact our 24-hour emergency hotline at +971565542001, and one of our certified critical care specialists will guide you through the procedure. Users will be able to ask inquiries and get their issues addressed. We'll make the required preparations and keep you updated throughout the process after the client transfer plan has been agreed upon.


Air Medical 24X7 Air Ambulance Features

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