Air Ambulance Service In comoros

Air Ambulance Service In comoros

The Comoros are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, located south-east of Madagascar and north-west of Mozambique. There are many reasons why air ambulance services can be useful in Comoros and Airmedical24x7 provides all its Air medical services in Comoros. We work towards providing immediate medical assistance to patients who need emergency care. We can also transport critically ill patients across long distances. In some cases, we also stabilise the patient using advanced equipment.

Why choose the Air Ambulance service at Air Medical 24X7?


The reason why people choose air ambulance services over ground ambulance services is because of its speed and efficiency. Ground ambulance services take much longer than air ambulance services. This means that if a person needs to go to the hospital right away, then an air ambulance is the best option. 


  1. We have a team of  doctors on board who can provide medical assistance to the patients. 
  2. We  are equipped with modern aircrafts, including helicopters and fixed wing planes, and they can perform operations in several cities. 
  3.  Our Air ambulances are used to transport critically ill patients from hospitals to other medical facilities.
  4.  The cost of transporting a patient using our air ambulance is affordable.  
  5. Our  Air Ambulances provide 24 hour coverage and are equipped with advanced technology equipment. We have highly trained paramedics who are able to handle any situation that might arise while transporting a patient. 
  6. Our air ambulances  reach the destination much quicker and faster. 
  7. We are licensed by the FAA 
  8. Our air ambulance services are well-recognized and provide a safe and timely transport of patients to hospitals
  9. We provide our customers with the best quality services at affordable cost.

What are the characteristics/ features of the Air Ambulance provided by Air Medical 24X7?

  1. Our air ambulance can provide services like transporting a patient to a hospital, providing oxygen therapy, administering medications, etc.
  2. There are many different types of air ambulances depending on the type of aircraft the patient will use. These include fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters etc
  3. We are considered to be cost effective as compared to ground transport options 
  4. Our air ambulances are often used for transporting critically ill or injured patients from remote locations to hospitals equipped with intensive care units.
  5. We also provide advanced life support including CPR, oxygen therapy, intravenous medications, and other critical interventions. 
  6. The primary goal of our air ambulance is to get the patient to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. This means that our air ambulances travel at high speeds and can fly over long distances. 


What are the services provided by Airmedical24x7?

1. Stretcher transfer from a commercial flight

Stretcher Transfer

The stretcher transfer from a commercial flight is available at Airmedical24x7. Once the patient is inside the ambulance, the patient is checked over by paramedics and then transported to the hospital.  Paramedics check over the patient’s vitals and make sure that everything is running smoothly. This service is used to transport patients who have suffered injuries that require immediate medical attention. The plane will be equipped with all of the necessary medical equipment for this purpose. A divider has also been constructed through the use of curtains. You can even bring a family member along with you to help you out on the journey. In addition to the stretcher, an ICU is also being built. 


2. Transfer from a commercial aeroplane in a wheelchair

The patient will be transferred from a commercial aeroplane to a wheelchair service. AirMedical24x7 offers commercial airline transfers with wheelchair access to assist customers with disabilities in travelling safely and comfortably. This service also assists travellers with disabilities in travelling from their home airport to their destination airport. This service allows wheelchair users to fly in style and participate in life. This service is available to people who have at least half-healed.

3. Flights via Medical charter


Air Medical 24×7 offers medical charters service to its patients. These planes are specially designed to transport people from one hospital’s bed to another. There are many benefits to flying via medical charters such as faster travel times, and better service. We provide patients with a safe, comfortable, and efficient way to travel.

The medical charters allow passengers to avoid long lines at security checkpoints, which means less stress and time wasted. Both pick-up and drop-off services will be provided by us. 

4. Private chartered flight

Private Chartered Flight Service

A private charter flight service provides transportation for individuals and businesses. A private charter flight service can use any type of aircraft depending on your needs. We can offer different types of aircraft including helicopters, planes, jets, business jets etc There are

many advantages to using private charter flights including no delays, and no waiting around at airports. If you want to fly with your family, friends, or colleagues, you can book a flight with us. 


5. Medical tourism 

Air medical provides medical tourism services in Comoros 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People are transported from one nation to another by Airmedical 24×7. The patient will be treated in another nation and Airmedical24x7 will oversee everything. All visa tickets and charters are booked by Airmedical 24×7, and the entire procedure is overseen from entry to treatment completion by us.


What type of equipment does Air Medical 24X7 use?

Air Medical 24X7 uses a variety of different types of equipment such as oxygen concentrators, Ventilators, Airway Suctioning Equipment, Respiratory Therapy Equipment, Pulse Oximeters etc. We are usually equipped with specialised medical equipment and personnel to ensure that we have everything needed to treat the patient.  

The machinery and equipment used is FAA approved. We provide service with the help of qualified doctors and expert parameters. Our services are the most affordable and economical. We offer 24/7 services. Our fleet consists of modern ambulances and helicopters that undergo regular maintenance. Every vehicle is fully licensed and insured. 

Questions that are often asked

1. How much do we charge per transport? ?

This varies depending on where the patient is located, our base location (the closest airport), their condition, and how urgent they need to get transported.

2. Can I book online?

Please call on our helpline number. 

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