Air Ambulance Service In Lebanon

Air Ambulance Service In Lebanon

Lebanon is the safest country and is safe for tourism, especially for female tourism. For safe tourism, police and hospitals are the two things that should be advanced. Medicine is advancing at its peak. To have a safe country, the need for proper hospital acquaintance is a must. As emergencies can occur at any time, the need for medical services is a must for having a safe country. As it is a popular country, hence the need for the best medical services is required. Medical services require some important features like transportation facilities, staff, and necessary equipment etc. All these help to make the medical services their best. Medical services are categorized in the mode of the medium. Road transportation, waterway transportation and air transportation are the modes of transportation. Road transportation is one of the best forms of transportation. It is best for the case of an emergency if traffic is not a factor. As the country is known for tourism, hence the traffic will be more and road transportation is not a viable option. Waterway transportation is one of the best ways to transport, but transporting patients to other countries, takes more time and hence it is not good for patients. Last is air transportation, which is the fastest and most secure. It will help to transfer patients from one place to another with less wait time and fast paramedics’ assistance.

Why air ambulances?

All modes of transportation are necessary, but in time of emergency, the fastest transportation and paramedics’ assistance is important. And for that air medical services are the best which describes those parts. Air medical services provide paramedics support with best-in-class equipment installed in the transport vehicle so that they can diagnose the emergency patient and hence help to stabilize it quickly. After stabilizing the patient, then it can be transported to the hospital for further treatment. People tend to trust those transportation facilities which are quick and provide the best and fast paramedics’ support for the betterment of the patient. Air medical services are also best for the transportation of parts which are to be used by other patients. All those features help to rate air medical services to the top. Now, we are going to discuss in detail the features provided by Air Medical services in Lebanon.


There are ample services provided by Air Medical 24X7  services in Lebanon. To keep the country safe, these features have helped them a lot to maintain the safety of the country.


1.Convenience of 24X7

 Air medical services in Lebanon have the timing 24X7. This helps to attend to the maximum number of emergency patients in the country. As there is no timing for emergencies, hence keeping that in mind, we have provided the convenience of 24X7. This helps to provide treatment to maximum number of patients and due to this, it helps people to gain more trust and then they tend to select air medical services for any emergency cases. Only having the convenience of 24X7 is not enough, having good staff and equipment will help them to treat the patients successfully and effectively.


2. Expert paramedics

 Providing the timing 24X7 is not enough. The team of paramedics which is going to attend to the patient is also one factor. The Paramedic team should be the best team which is capable of handling any situation with maximum efficiency. With this, they help to make the patient stable and hence further transportation is done to the hospital for further treatment. The Paramedic team has been provided with training which gives them the experience to handle every situation with ease.


3. Equipment

All the equipment which is being used and installed is being approved by AAA. All these pieces of equipment help them diagnose emergency patients successfully and effectively. All the paramedics know how to operate that equipment. The reason why equipment is being used by AAA-approved is that it is timely serviced and the build quality is up to the mark as per requirement.

4. Quick response

 There is a completely different staff which handles those requests by collecting all the necessary information about the emergency patients. Those staff are being trained in such a way that they provide all the details by the means of telephone, website or app approach. After the request is made for the emergency patient, then the staff approaches the paramedic’s team and after the discussion, they approach the emergency location till that time staff calls back the emergency location and provides the information about how things will work.



Air Medical  24X7 services are the most economical services which need things to be picture-perfect. All the paramedic team and staff for quick response, equipment, and convenience of timing should be in the favour of the emergency patients. This help to provide best-in-class air medical services in Lebanon. 

Questions that are often asked

1.What is the procedure for arranging an air ambulance?

You can email or call our 24-hour emergency hotline at +971565542001, and one of our qualified critical care experts will assist you with the procedure. You’ll get the chance to ask any questions you have and have your concerns resolved. After a patient transfer proposal has been agreed upon, we’ll make all of the necessary arrangements and keep you updated throughout the process.

2. How much does it cost to travel by air ambulance?

The cost of an air ambulance is determined by a number of factors. It depends on where you live and what services you require from us in total. In many cases, health insurance, such as Mediclaim, will cover these expenses. You must first discuss your entire situation with us so that we can advise you on the appropriate course of action.

3. Is it possible for someone to accompany me on my trip?

In every scenario, the medical crew on board the air ambulance takes the final decision. Depending on the circumstances, only one travel companion may be able to accompany you on your vacation. 

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