Air Ambulance Service In LIBERIA

Air Ambulance Service In LIBERIA

Liberia is a country in West Africa. This low-income economy is among the poorest countries in the world. The crime rate is very high in Liberia, which is one of the main reasons for high mortality in the country. Liberia lacks quality medical facilities and relies heavily on international assistance. HIV, malaria, diarrhoea, dengue and tuberculosis are some of the leading causes of death in Liberia. There is a great need for improvisation of the medical facilities for the betterment of Liberians. Air medical transportation service can help Liberians in so many ways. Medical transportation services can be provided via three mediums i.e., road, water and air. Road medical transportation (road ambulance) is the cheapest and best way for short distances but can fail drastically in case of traffic and can lead to loss of a precious life. Similarly, water medical transportation or ambulance boats are an effective mode of transportation since large water bodies have almost no traffic. However, ambulance boats are required by those having a medical emergency in the water. That is why air medical transportation is the best and fastest mode. 

Why air ambulances?

There are numerous benefits of air ambulances that will serve a high level of care and comfort to people of Liberia in emergency situations. These air ambulances are not only equipped with the best and latest medical technology and equipment, but also help transport the patients to their desired medical centres on time and save their precious life. Also, air ambulances travel very fast which is much needed during an emergency because every minute counts and every life is precious. Air medical transport has more capacity, can operate and travel to any city at any time, is the fastest and most comfortable mode, and hence, can save more lives. 

What are the services provided by Air Medical 24X7?

1. Trained Paramedics


We have highly skilled medical practitioners and advanced clinical care equipment to fight all casualties and serve you with the best in class services. Our air ambulances are specialised and staffed with trained paramedics who provide urgent medical support to critically ill or injured patients. These paramedics are well-trained and can provide all the safety and security while transporting the patient from one place to another. 

2.Advanced life support medical equipment


Our Air Ambulances are equipped with AAA-approved advanced medical equipment and technology which will help in stabilising patients in critical condition. With our skilled medical practitioners and extensive advanced clinical equipment, Air Medical 24×7 is always ready to fight any medical and life-taking situation.

3. 24×7 assistance


 Air Medical 24×7 operates everywhere and can travel to any city at any time. Air Medical provides prompt service and quick replies with 24×7 medical support and convenience to facilitate and normalise the usage of air ambulances so that patients can be moved to different locations to get better medical treatment. 

4. Prompt Service


Air Medical 24×7 provides prompt travel service for critical patients and provides quick response in emergency situations. We can’t afford a delay of even a minute because every minute counts and every life is precious. 

5. Best Cost


We provide air ambulance services across all time zones at the best cost with utmost dedication and commitment.The Air Medical 24×7 offers air ambulances in Liberia with the aim to provide the best and most advanced life support facilities, 24×7 convenience, and well experienced and professional medical team.

6. Easy Formalities

Our services are absolutely hassle-free with easy formalities which facilitate quick action-taking because we care for your health and prioritise your life before formalities. For us, every life matters.


In a less developed country like Liberia, the need for advanced healthcare services is rising. Along with providing the patients with the latest equipment, advanced medications and proper and timely vaccinations, it is also important to help these patients reach the hospital on the time so that their lives can be saved and damage can be minimised. Air ambulance is the need of the hour as it is the most reliable, secure, convenient, well-equipped, safe and fastest mode of medical transportation.

Questions that are often asked

1. Where can I find an Air Ambulance?

You can contact us on our number. All air ambulances are equipped with advanced life-saving equipment to provide immediate care until definitive care can be provided at a hospital.

2. How much does an air ambulance cost?

It depends on the type of service you choose. 

3. What happens after my loved one arrives at the receiving facility?

Once the patient has been stabilised, he/she is transferred to a hospital where further care will be provided.

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