Air Ambulance Service In Luxembourg

Air Ambulance Service In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the world’s smallest countries, bordered by Belgium on the west and north and France on the south, and as a result of its diminutive size, the medical facilities are inadequate. Medical services are required in these situations since medical emergencies can happen at any time or location. Depending on the mode of transportation, medical services come in a variety of forms. The services that use the road as a medium are known as road medical services. They use it for nearby emergency patients until traffic is not a concern. The services that use water as a medium are known as “water medical services.”It is also used for emergency medical patients but is slow and not recommendable. Air medical services are the services that use air as a medium. It helps to diagnose medical emergency patient quickly and transfer it to the hospital for further treatment. Air medical services are also divided and distributed to helicopters and chartered planes. Helicopters are used for short distances, and chartered planes are used for long distances. 

Why air ambulances?

Air ambulances in Luxembourg assist in the appropriate diagnosis and stabilisation of medical emergency patients. As soon as the patient is stable, they are taken to the hospital for more care. We have supplied numerous services that aid in providing a best-in-class diagnostic to medical emergency patients and in stabilising them. We have provided several services to improve air ambulances in Luxembourg.


Numerous services work for the betterment of the air ambulance in Luxembourg. Those services help save numerous emergency patients by increasing the survival rate by providing proper diagnosis to medical emergency patients. 

Services provided are:-

  • Quick response team
  • Convenience of time
  • Expert paramedics
  • AAA-approved equipment

1. Quick response team

Air ambulance in Luxembourg has provided staff who work in multiple staff whose only work is to collect responses regarding medical emergencies. Those are trained to collect all the necessary information about the emergency patient and transfer it to the paramedics. After the discussion with the paramedics and pilots, a call back is provided to the emergency location and instructions until paramedics reach the location. Once they reach the site, paramedics diagnose the medical emergency patient quickly and help them to stabilize them. After providing stability, they are transferred to the hospital for further treatment. 

2. Convenience of time

An emergency is a state in which help provided in every way is better for the emergency patient. Hence for those conditions, air ambulance in Luxembourg has provided time 24X7, which helps save numerous patients. This was only possible until multiple shifts were provided. In this, paramedics and pilots have shifts in which they have to save medical emergency patients, and after completion of the time, other paramedics and pilots take over the job and do the same. This helps increase productivity and the chances of survival of medical emergency patients. 

3. Expert paramedics

Air ambulance in Luxembourg has provided expert paramedics who help to diagnose medical emergency patients. Those paramedics are trained in such a way that they can overcome any situation with ease. To become paramedics, they must undergo a series of exams and training. After passing them, they work under the head of the paramedics to gain valuable experience. After a few years, they are being promoted to expert paramedics who can now save numerous patients without any restrictions. 

4. AAA-approved equipment

Air ambulance in Luxembourg is installed with AAA-approved equipment, which works coordinatively to save numerous medical emergency patients. That equipment is made with international standards, which benefits other countries’ paramedics to use that equipment and save medical emergency patients. Those equipment are installed in helicopters and chartered planes irrespective of their travel distances. That equipment is serviced continuously, so they do not get out of service. All the paramedics are trained on that equipment to know how to operate it and use it in their favour to save the life of medical emergency patients.

what kind of Air Ambulances services does AirMedical 24x7 provide?

There are three types of air ambulance services offered by Air Medical24X7. The first choice is to take a commercial flight equipped with wheelchair technology; the second alternative is to take a commercial flight without wheelchair technology and the third alternative is to employ privately chartered planes, which come with stretcher facilities. 


1. Stretcher transfer from a commercial flight

We provide Air Ambulance service as part of commercial flights under this service. This is one of the most cost-effective air ambulance services available, as well as one of the best in terms of patient care. Commercial aeroplane transfers by stretcher are one of the most popular services offered by Air Ambulance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A seat in the plane’s rear is equipped with all of the necessary medical equipment, including a stretcher, for this purpose. In the plane, there is also a divider created by the use of curtains. You can even bring a family member along to help you out on the journey. Aside from the stretcher, an intensive care unit (ICU) is also available. A letter of permission from the treating physician is required, as well as an acceptance letter from the hospital where the patient will be admitted. With exceptional patient care, this is one of the most cost-effective Air Ambulance services available.


2. Transfer from a commercial aeroplane in a wheelchair

Air Medical 24X7 offers commercial airline transfers with wheelchair access to assist customers with disabilities in travelling safely and comfortably. Passengers who require wheelchair assistance can use this service to board and disembark commercial aircraft. Travellers with disabilities can use this service to go from their home airport to their destination airport. Passengers will not have to worry about managing barriers such as stairs, curbs, ramps, or other such difficulties when travelling. Being impaired limits our ability to engage in a wide range of activities. Rather than being confined to a wheelchair, this service allows wheelchair users to fly in style and participate in life. This service is available to people who have at least half-healed.

3. Flights via Medical charter

Transferring patients from one bed to another is part of this service. This implies that patients will be transferred from one hospital to another. As a result, both pick-up and drop-off services will be provided by the same air ambulance crew. Medical Air Chartered is a private aircraft, not a commercial trip. In this case, all that is required of the patients is an acceptance letter from a qualified physician.


Air ambulance in Luxembourg is the most affordable air medical service, which helps to save the life of a medical emergency patient by delivering a speedy diagnosis. Numerous services collaborate to increase the likelihood that patients in medical emergencies will survive and transport them to the hospital for additional care. As this mode offers best-in-class medical services, people frequently trust on-air medical services and turn to air ambulance in Luxembourg for any medical situations.

Questions that are often asked

1. What is contained in an Air ambulance?

Onboard an Air ambulance, you’ll find respiratory devices, monitoring equipment, implanted cardiac and defibrillators, as well as a full supply of medication.

2. What is the best way to contact an air ambulance?


Anyone can email or contact our 24-hour emergency hotline at +971565542001, and one of our certified critical care specialists will guide you through the procedure. Users will be able to ask inquiries and get their issues addressed. We’ll make the required preparations and keep you updated throughout the process after the client transfer plan has been agreed upon.


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