Air Ambulance Service In Serbia

Air Ambulance Service In Serbia

Serbia is the country present in Southeastern and Central Europe. It shares its borders with Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. Serbia is famous for its nightlife, palaces, fortresses, and one of the best tennis players, Novak Djokovic. However, the crime is on the level of caution. To prevent this, we have provided medical emergency transportation. Medical emergency transportation can be categorized based on the mode of transportation. Those services are road medical transportation, waterway medical transportation, and air medical transportation. Road medical transportation is the transportation that uses the road as the medium for diagnosing medical emergency patients. Waterway medical transportation is the transportation that uses water as the medium for the diagnosis of medical emergency patients. Air medical transportation uses air as a mode of transportation to diagnose medical emergency patients. Hence, it is the fastest mode of transportation offered by Serbia. Air Ambulance service in Serbia is the best mode of transportation for diagnosing medical emergency patients. 

Why Air Ambulances?

Air Ambulance service in Serbia is the fastest mode of transportation, and for emergency patients, time is the only factor that needs for this; Air Ambulance service in Serbia is the only option. Road medical transportation can also be a vital option for some areas, but not always. Waterway medical transportation is slow as compared to both modes of treatment. Air Ambulance service in Serbia has provided numerous services that help them to diagnose medical emergency patients quickly and help to stabilize them. 


Numerous services are being provided by Air Ambulance service in Serbia. Those services work coordinatively to save numerous medical emergency patients. Those services are:-


  • Convenience of time
  • AAA-approved equipment
  • Expert paramedics
  • Quick response team


1. Convenience of time


Air Ambulance service in Serbia has provided 24X7 services. To make it work, we have been provided multiple shifts. Due to this, staff, paramedics, and pilots can get proper rest to work with full concentration and dedication to save numerous medical emergency patients. Air Ambulance service in Serbia has great work efficiency by providing multiple shifts. 


2.AAA-approved equipment

Air Ambulance service in Serbia has been provided with AAA-approved equipment. That equipment is made with international standards and installed in all medical vehicles. Installing all vehicles with the same AAA-approved equipment is that expert paramedics and pilots can use that equipment to their advantage and easily diagnose medical emergency patients. Those equipment is being serviced from time to time for proper functioning. Expert paramedics are being trained on that AAA-approved equipment for a better understanding of equipment and to help them save medical emergency patients. 


3. Expert paramedics


Air Ambulance service in Serbia has provided expert paramedics trained to overcome any medical emergency. They undergo a series of tests and training programs to become expert paramedics. After completing those, they work under the head of expert paramedics and gain knowledge and experience. After a few years, they are promoted to expert paramedics. Now, they can diagnose any medical emergency patient without any restrictions and with ease. 


4.Quick response team


Air Ambulance service in Serbia has staff that only takes medical emergency patients. Those are trained in such a way that they collect all the necessary information about medical emergency patients. That information is transferred to the expert paramedics once the discussion is done. The emergency location and all the necessary information are

provided a callback. Until then, expert paramedics and pilots rush into the medical emergency location and immediately diagnose the medical emergency patient. Once the medical emergency patient is in stable condition, they are transferred to the hospital for proper treatment. 



Air Ambulance service in Serbia has provided numerous services for the betterment of the country and medical emergency patients. With the help of the Air Ambulance service in Serbia, the survival rate has been increased, and hence a healthy environment can attain. With all those services, staff, pilots, and expert paramedics are trained to overcome any situation easily. Due to all those reasons, people tend to seek Air Ambulance service in Serbia because it is less time-consuming and fast diagnosis and transportation to the hospital for further treatment. All those help air medical services to save medical emergency patients efficiently. 


What makes us superior to others?

  1. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible by providing timely and convenient air ambulance services to those in need all around the world.
  2.  We seek to standardise the usage of air ambulance and medical tourism services across the world by providing quick service at reasonable prices.
  3. Each customer is treated with warmth and concern by our educated personnel. We have a global network of 1280 pleased patients on our books. 
  4. More than 20 nations are represented. 
  5. We deliver high-quality services that are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. 
  6. We are unquestionably cost-effective and efficient. We have a staff of people that ensure that everything is clean and functional.

Questions that are often asked

1. What is the procedure for obtaining an Air ambulance?

If you contact or call our 24-hour emergency hotline at +971565542001, one of our trained critical care specialists will assist you with the procedure. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have and get your concerns answered. After a patient transfer proposal has been agreed upon, we’ll make all of the necessary arrangements and keep you updated throughout the process.

2. How much does an Air ambulance journey cost?

The cost of an air ambulance is influenced by a number of factors. It all depends on your location and the number of services you want from us. These expenses are covered by many health insurance policies, such as Mediclaim. Before we can provide you with advice on the best course of action, you must first explain your entire problem to us so that we can assist you further.

3.What may be found inside an Air ambulance?

Onboard an air ambulance are breathing apparatus and monitoring systems, pacemakers and defibrillators, blood transfusion equipment, and a comprehensive stock of medications.

4. Is it possible for someone to accompany me on my journey?

Depending on the circumstances, you may only be allowed to bring one travel companion on your vacation.

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