Air Ambulance Service In Seychelles

Air Ambulance Service In Seychelles

Seychelles is a country situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean at the eastern edge of the Somali Sea. Its capital is Victoria, the largest city 1500 km east of mainland Africa. Seychelles is known for its tourist places. Seychelles offers numerous places for travelers and enthusiasts. People from all around the globe come to enjoy this beautiful spot. Hence, there is always a need for medical emergencies. Those Seychelles has provided medical services that help to increase the survival rate. To maintain those work, they have provided medical emergency services. The mode of transportation categorizes medical emergency services. Those are road medical emergency transportation, waterway, and air medical emergency transportation. Road medical emergency transportation provides services by road as a medium. Waterway medical emergency transportation provides medical services with water as a medium. Air medical emergency transportation provides medical services by air as a mode of transportation. Air ambulance in Seychelles is the fastest mode to provide medical services in the country as the country is covered with water from all four sides. Hence, it is the best option for medical emergency patients. 

Why air ambulance?

Air ambulance in Seychelles provides the best services to emergency patients as it is the fastest mode of transportation; another major reason is Seychelles is covered with water from all four sides, and waterway medical transportation is not a vital option to think of. Using the fastest mode of transportation, i.e., using air ambulances in Seychelles, helps to increase the survival rate by increasing the time for the doctors for the treatment. Air ambulance in Seychelles provides medical services that help improve emergency patients. Air ambulance in Seychelles, along with those services, helps to save the majority of the patients. 


Numerous services are being provided by air ambulances in Seychelles. These services in the air ambulance work coordinatively to save emergency patients. 


Those services are:-


  • Quick response team
  • Expert paramedics
  • Convenience of time
  • AAA-approved equipment


These services are going to discuss below. 


1. Quick response team


Air ambulance in Seychelles has provided a group of staff that attends to all the emergency requests from all over Seychelles. The staff’s main work is collecting all the necessary information about the emergency patients and the perfect location. Once the details have been received, staff rushes to the air medical expert paramedics and discusses the issue in detail. Once the discussion is completed, a call back is provided to the emergency location. Until that time, expert paramedics, along with the pilots, rushed to the emergency location and helped them to stabilize the emergency patient. Once the patient is stable, they are transported to the hospital for proper treatment. Staff is trained in such a way that helps to reduce work confusion and increase efficiency to its extreme. 


2. Expert paramedics


Air ambulance in Seychelles has provided paramedics who are experts in saving the emergency patient or helping stabilize them until they reach the hospital. To become a paramedic in an air ambulance in Seychelles, one must undergo tests and training. After completion of training, they work under the head of the paramedics’ team, and after gaining valuable experience, they are promoted to expert paramedics. Expert paramedics can now treat any medical emergency patients and save them. 


3. Convenience of time


To get medical emergency support, they need to have it available anytime. To make this possible, we have provided multiple staff. Due to this decision, we can provide air medical services anytime. Hence, this air ambulance in Seychelles can save medical emergency patients at a major pace. Expert paramedics, pilots, and staff attending all the emergency requests are being replaced after a few hours so that air ambulances work efficiently. 


4. AAA-approved equipment


Air medical in Seychelles has been provided with AAA-approved equipment. These are the best equipment provided to any medical services team. All those equipment is being installed in all the transportation facilities. All this equipment and an expert paramedics team help to provide best-in-class services to all medical emergency patients. Both work coordinatively to save numerous medical emergency patients. 


Air ambulance in Seychelles has provided numerous services at a very small land proportion for the survival of their patients. Expert paramedics and all the other services work together to save medical emergency patients. All are trained in such a way that they can easily overcome any situation. Air ambulance in Seychelles helps to stabilize the patients and transport them to the hospital for proper treatment. People tend to seek air ambulances over others because of the low time consumption and the fastest mode of transportation for the betterment and safety of medical emergency patients.

Questions that are often asked

1. How much does it cost to get air ambulance service?

  1. We are reliable enough to provide quality service at affordable rates. 
  2. Every year, thousands of people die due to medical emergencies. Emergency services play a vital role in saving lives. We provide transportation to hospitals or even life support to patients who are at risk of dying.
  3. We provide emergency medical services to patients around the world. We are committed to ensuring that everyone receives the best care possible. 
  4. We do this through our commitment to high-quality care and customer service. 
  5. We understand how stressful emergencies can be and want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable during your time at our facility.

2. What happens if my patient gets sick en route?

If your patient becomes ill while flying, he or she will be treated at the closest hospital. Once stabilised, the crew will notify the local authorities who will take care of any additional expenses.


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