Air Ambulance Service In Switzerland

Air Ambulance Service In Switzerland

The landlocked nation of Switzerland, or the Swiss Confederation, is situated where Western, Central, and Southern Europe converge.  It is a federal republic made up of 26 cantons, with Bern serving as the seat of the There is so much more to this lovely country famed for its mountains, chocolate, and high-end watches. We have given medical emergency transportation for everyone in the mountains in order to ensure their safety. For medical services, there are several different modes. The ideal method for medical assistance in Switzerland, however, is by air ambulance. Roadside medical assistance is also helpful, however, the emergency patient will have serious problems due to the time constraint, which could result in death. Since there is no water available to transport emergency patients, waterway medical transportation is not a practical solution. There are a few aspects that make it clear that an air ambulance is ideal for a country like Switzerland.

Why air ambulances?


In Switzerland, using an air ambulance is a crucial option because it’s the only one that can get emergency patients’ help quickly. People frequently trust medical transportation methods that have the best likelihood of keeping an emergency patient alive. Thus, this is one of the key arguments in favour of Switzerland having the best air ambulance service. Other factors, such as expert paramedics for accurate and quick diagnosis of the emergency patient, AAA-approved equipment that aids paramedics in diagnosing the emergency patient, and 24-hour availability that aids in providing quick medical care to the emergency patient, can be controlled by the human discrepancy.


Numerous services are being provided by Air Ambulance in Switzerland. Those services help diagnose the emergency patient as soon as possible, which helps to increase the rate of survival. As soon as the diagnosis of the emergency patient is done and helped is stable, they are transferred to the hospital for further treatment. Those services are stated below:


  • Convenience of time
  • Expert Staff
  • Quick response team
  • AAA-approved equipment


We are going to discuss all the services in detail down below.


1. Convenience of time


Air Ambulance in Switzerland is ready for any medical emergencies. For those services, we have provided assistance to be 24X7. This will help to save numerous emergency patients as most emergencies occur at night. Air ambulances in Switzerland are ready for all medical emergencies which occur at any time. There is the support of multiple staff who take action at any time when there is a need for any medical emergencies. 


2. Expert Staff


Air ambulance in Switzerland has the support of expert paramedics and pilots who help diagnose emergency patients. To become paramedics, they need to pass the test and training. After those, they work under the head of the paramedics and gain experience. After a certain amount of time and gaining experience, they are promoted to diagnose emergency patients. They are trained in such a way that they can overcome any medical situation with ease. 


 3. Quick response team


Air ambulance in Switzerland has the support of staff, which collects all the responses obtained with the help of telephone, website, and app approaches. All those mediums help to know about the emergency in Switzerland. Staff is trained in such a way that they collect all the necessary information about the emergency patient and transfer it to the paramedics’ team. And a discussion, they rush into the emergency location, and until then, staff call back to the emergency location and state their work at that spot. All of that help to get better at work with the support of citizens near the emergency location. 

4. AAA-approved equipment

Air ambulance in Switzerland is installed with AAA-approved equipment, which helps provide the best and most reliable diagnosis for emergency patients. Staff is being trained on that equipment, so they know how to use them. All that equipment is installed in helicopters and chartered planes irrespective of distance. A helicopter is used for short distances and long distances, and chartered planes are used, which help them to stabilize the emergency patient during transfer and diagnosis. 


Air Ambulance in Switzerland is the most economical transportation for emergency patients. It is loaded with all the basic and advanced services that help them to diagnose and transport emergency patients with ease. Staff, equipment, and quick response team work coordinatively to help to save emergency patients.

Questions that are often asked

1. How much do we charge per transport? ?

This varies depending on where the patient is located, our base location (the closest airport), their condition, and how urgent they need to get transported.

2. Can I book online?

Please call on our helpline number. 

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