Air Ambulance Service In Syria

Air Ambulance Service In Syria

The war in Syria is now more than a decade old. Relentless armed conflict has left an estimated 400000 dead and caused more than half the country’s pre-war population of 21 million to flee their homes, with them now either displaced inside Syria or living as refugees outside the country.”


When this news broke out in 2008, the need for Ambulances was constantly increasing. Now, Syria has the support of an Air Ambulance and a road assistance ambulance, which helps minimize the casualties. The need for Air Ambulances made its debut during that period, and now it is going business by saving multiple lives. 

Today, Air Ambulance consists of helicopters, flights, seaplanes, and space shuttle. All these vehicles are equipped with qualified and expert doctors, which increases the patient’s rate of survival. Syria provides air support services in the domestic and international sectors with all ICU facilities. 

As Syria is on the verge of risk every time, the air ambulance is for multiple purposes like rescue operations, disaster management, and Medivac. 



Why choose an Air ambulance service over other options?


There are endless services provided by the air ambulance in Syria. Some of them are listed below:


  •  Medical escort at 24X7
  • Advance ICU facilities
  • Qualified doctors and paramedics
  • Cardiac emergency
  • Multi-trauma cases
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transplant recipients
  • Heavy equipment like infusion pump, cardiac monitor, ventilator, etc.

These are the facilities provided by Air Medical 24X7 in Syria. With all these services support, people tend to go with this option of the fast, safe and secure way for transportation to save loved ones’ life. The major purpose of air ambulance repatriation is to save a life in any situation. 

1. Qualified doctors and paramedics are being trained to deal with those problems and situations. As it is a growing business with the most economical concept, people tend to seek services that are not provided by any other means. Those team of paramedics needs to be ready for continuous services when the time allows. 

2. All Medical Equipment is fitted and provided as AAA-approved for its best use and safety. With certified equipment, the chances of breakdown or collapse reduce immensely. People seek services with higher chances of survival, and hence, the need for air ambulances increases periodically. 

The transportation facilities are being provided domestically and internationally. There are 35 airports where the support of Air Ambulance is being provided. With this, the risk of failure decreases, and the chances of survival increase. When the vehicle gets ready, a team of paramedics is also provided to stabilize the patient during transportation and for the patient’s safety. 

3. Paramedics are being trained in such a way to deal with any situation with the least equipment. With this, they get experience, and hence the chances of survival of the patient increase. 

All the Air Ambulance services are operated by doctors who seek information from the patient and transfer it to the paramedics. After the discussion, the team transports the patient by air ambulance. Air Ambulance is open to all society’s needs and organizations to save as many lives as possible. 

Air ambulance paramedics also provide telephonic support to stabilize the patient till the transportation facility reaches the nearest airport. 

With such great service, the patients’ lives are being saved most of the time as time is of the essence to save the patient’s life. 


We have provided best-in-class and premium modes of transport to save each life. Air medical repatriation team and all the equipment fitted in the vehicle are greater at the time of emergency. People seek help from all sides when they see their loved ones in such an emergency. 


Air medical transportation is a growing business and is a high-value business as the cost of transportation of patients from one spot to another is quite high if the mode of medium is air. Although the transportation is by air, people feel safe in this mode as it provides ample time to save the patient from those situations. With those kinds of high-value transportation, a team of paramedics helps save the patient in all possible ways. 

Questions that are often asked

1. What is contained in an Air ambulance?

Onboard an Air ambulance, you’ll find respiratory devices, monitoring equipment, implanted cardiac and defibrillators, as well as a full supply of medication.

2. What is the best way to contact an air ambulance?


Anyone can email or contact our 24-hour emergency hotline at +971565542001, and one of our certified critical care specialists will guide you through the procedure. Users will be able to ask inquiries and get their issues addressed. We’ll make the required preparations and keep you updated throughout the process after the client transfer plan has been agreed upon.


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