Air Ambulance Services In India

Air Ambulance Services In India

Air Ambulance Services In India is a medical transport company that provides emergency medical services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AAS is used by patients who are unable to get to a hospital due to time constraints, distance, or other factors. AAS transports patients from their homes to hospitals via aircrafts. There are many different types of aircrafts depending on the size of the patient’s location. AAS can either fly helicopters, fixed-wing planes, or even small jets. The biggest benefit of using an air ambulance service is that you may receive medical assistance immediately. Patients may get life-saving treatment before being transported to a hospital. This reduces the danger of death as well as the possibility of complications from delayed treatment.

Air Ambulance Services in India

One of the leading medical transport companies is Air Medical24x7. 

Around the world, Air ambulance services are becoming more frequent. In fact, they are currently required in several places. Several considerations should be considered while selecting an air ambulance service. Cost, availability, safety, and quality of treatment are all factors to consider and at AirMedical 24X7 we aim to take into account all these factors. 

We, at Air Medical24X7, provide all kinds of  medical services ranging from Air ambulance to Medical tourism.

Our mission is to provide the best air medical services in India, and we look forward to assisting you.

AirMedical 24X7 strives to give the highest level of service to customers all around the world. Over 20 nations, including India, employ our aviation medical services. Medical tourism, chartered flights, air ambulances, and patient transportation are just a few of the air medical services we offer in India.


AirMedical24X7 is a corporation that intends to give people all around the country, particularly in India, access to Air ambulance and Medical tourism services. The principles of the medical sector are always altering from one extreme to the other, and we strive to adapt to the changing business climate in order to provide the best possible Air medical services to people in India

We’re focusing our efforts on aiding such patients with these expected enhancements.

Air Medical24X7 strives to give the best services to clients all around the world through simple transfers, low prices, and rapid turnaround times. We are a well-known Aviation Ambulance service provider in India, providing the best possible air medical care. Our aircraft medical services in India are exceptional, and we aim to provide our clients with the finest possible service

What are the services provided by Airmedical24x7 ?

There are many types of air ambulance services offered by AirMedical24X7. The first choice is to fly with a commercial airline that has wheelchair technology, the second option is to fly with a commercial aircraft that has stretcher service, and the third alternative is to fly privately chartered. Last but not the least is Medical tourism.

Stretcher transfer from a commercial flight:

We provide Air Ambulance service as part of commercial flights under this service. This is one of the most cost-effective air ambulance services available, as well as one of the best in terms of patient care. Commercial aeroplane transfers by stretcher are one of the most popular services offered by Air Ambulance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The plane is equipped with all of the necessary medical equipment, including a stretcher, for this purpose. A divider has also been constructed through the usage of curtains. You can even bring a family member along to help you out on the journey. In addition to the stretcher, an ICU is being built. A letter of permission from the treating physician is required, as well as an acceptance letter from the hospital where the patient will be admitted. With exceptional patient care, this is one of the most cost-effective Air Ambulance Services In India available.

Transfer from a commercial aeroplane in a wheelchair

AirMedical24x7 offers commercial airline transfers with wheelchair access to assist customers with disabilities in travelling safely and comfortably. Passengers who require wheelchair assistance can use this service to board and disembark commercial aircraft. This service also assists travellers with disabilities in travelling from their home airport to the destination airport. Passengers will not have to worry about managing barriers such as stairs, curbs, ramps, or other such difficulties when travelling. Being impaired limits our ability to engage in a wide range of activities. Rather than being confined to a wheelchair, this service allows wheelchair users to fly in style and participate in life. This service is available to people who have at least half-healed.

Flights via Medical charter

Transferring patients from one bed to another is part of this job. This implies that patients will be transferred from one hospital to another. As a result, both pick-up and drop-off services will be provided by the same Air Ambulance crew. Medical Air Chartered is a private aircraft, not a commercial trip. In this case, the patients just require an examination. 

Medical tourism

AirMedical provides medical tourism services in India 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People are transported from one nation to another by AirMedical 24×7 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The patient will be treated in another nation, and Airmedical24x7 has established relationships with hospitals there. The hospitals and Air Medical 24×7 have reached an agreement. All visa tickets and charters are booked by Air Medical 24X7, and the entire procedure is overseen from entry to treatment completion. To finish the procedure, the hospital will give you a confirmation letter in the name of the customer, as well as the signature of a physician. AirMedical also monitors the immigration system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In a concluding statement, AirMedical 24X7 is the organiser. All components of each procedure are under the supervision of Airmedical24x7X

What type of machinery do Airmedical24x7 uses ?

All the machinery and equipment used is FAA approved. We provide service with the help of qualified doctors and expert parameters. Our services are the most affordable and economical. We are equipped with advanced medical equipment that allows us to provide better care to patients. We are able to respond in emergency situations at any time. We have highly trained and experienced staff. We offer 24/7 services.

Why should we choose AirMedical 24x7 ?

  1. Our objective is to save as many lives as possible by delivering timely and effective air ambulance care to those in need all across the world. 
  2. We’d like to see air ambulances deployed in a more uniform manner. Medical tourism services are available all around the world, and we offer high-quality care at affordable costs. Our educated professionals handle each customer with respect and consideration. 
  3. We have 1280 happy patients on our books from all around the world. There are more than 20 countries represented. 
  4. We provide high-quality services that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Without a doubt, we are cost-effective and efficient. 
  5. We have a team of professionals that ensure that everything is working well. We are leading Air Ambulance Service providers and  have been around for many years and are well known in the industry. 
  6. We  have experience in providing emergency medical services and we  know how to handle any situation that may arise. 
  7. Safety is always a top priority when it comes to transporting patients. We are regulated by the FAA and meet safety standards. Our planes are inspected regularly to ensure they are safe and reliable.

Questions that are often asked

1. What are the requirements for being able to use an air ambulance?

You need to have insurance that covers medical transportation. This can be through your health plan or through Medicare/Medicaid. If you do not have coverage, then you may want to consider purchasing commercial insurance.

2. How much does it cost to use an air ambulance service?

There are many factors that determine how much an air ambulance costs. These include the type of aircraft used, the number of patients transported at any given time, the distance travelled, and the level of care provided.

3.Can I use my own vehicle to transport someone who needs an air ambulance?

Yes, but it is recommended that you contact an air ambulance company first to make sure they accept private vehicles.

4.What are the different types of ambulances?

There are three primary types of ambulances used today. They are:

  • Paramedic Ambulance – This type of ambulance is staffed by paramedics who can administer basic life saving measures including CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), oxygen therapy, defibrillation, intravenous medications, etc. These ambulances are usually equipped with stretchers, gurneys, IV pumps, ventilators, and other medical equipment.


  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Ambulance – EMS ambulances are staffed by emergency medical technicians (EMTs). EMTs have paramedic training and they provide advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) care. They may also carry additional medical equipment depending on their state regulations.


  • Air Ambulance – An air ambulance is a helicopter that has been specially outfitted to transport patients from remote areas. It is designed to land at smaller airports and helipads, where ground transportation is not always possible.


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