We provide the air ambulance service at a cost that’s suitable to you.

24x7 Service

Get a specialised team to serve your medical emergency needs at any time.

Prompt Response

We always provide prompt response as we understand the urgency of saving lives


Our ambulances are holistically equipped with all the required machinery at your service.


Commercial Flights with Stretcher

Here, in this service we provide air ambulance service as a part of the commercial flights. This is one of the cheapest air ambulance services with quality care for the patients.

Private Charter Flights

Private charter air ambulances provide comfort and warmth to patients. Having the best doctors and machinery onboard. Choosing these services depends upon person to person along with the urgency of circumstances.

Business Class Wheelchair

Being disabled curbs our right to enjoy different life experiences. This service enables wheelchair-ridden patients with comfortable flying options and access to living life rather than being restricted to a chair.