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Commercial Flight with Wheelchair facility

Commercial flight transfers are often referred to as “airport shuttles”. These services are provided by companies that specialise in transporting disabled individuals between airports. Many airlines offer these services, and Airmedical24x7 is one of the leading companies to provide such facilities. Speaking of wheelchairs, a wheelchair is a device that allows a person to move around inside a building or outside on a chair.

Commercial Flight Transfer Through Wheelchair Facility

Commercial flight transfers through wheelchair facilities are a service offered by airlines to assist travellers with disabilities to travel safely and comfortably. This service aids travellers who need to board and disembark from commercial flights using a wheelchair. This facility further assists passengers with disabilities to get from their home airport to the airport where they are travelling. This service allows passengers to travel without having to worry about getting around obstacles like stairs, curbs, ramps, etc.

Wheelchair transfers on commercial flights are performed on business-class flights such as Emirates or Delta. This service can be availed of by those who are in a half-healed condition and have recovered to an extent of 60 to 70%. Wheelchair facilities are comparatively cheaper as compared to other services. The crew will have the required licence, experience, and expertise to facilitate the service.


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1. What exactly is a WCHS wheelchair?

 Wheelchair passengers can be classified in three distinct ways: WCHR: Passengers that can ascend and descend steps and then move around the plane cabin, but require a wheelchair for the distance from the aircraft. WCHS passengers are those who are unable to walk from the cabin and unable to climb and descend stairs and require a wheelchair.

2. Are these wheelchairs capable of ascending stairs?

 The GTS3 wheelchair will help you get upstairs, overtake obstacles, and go anywhere you want using just one joystick located on the side of the chair.

3. What is the price of a wheelchair on a plane?

On commercial airlines, the wheelchair service is free. You only need to contact your airline.

4. How do you obtain an airplane wheelchair?

At least 48 hours before departure, get in touch with your airline and request wheelchair assistance. If you can, contact them earlier. The customer service representative will place a "requires special assistance" note in your reservation file and inform you of your arrival and departure.

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