Life is unpredictable
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Life is unpredictable
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 To connect with us urgently connect to us on call. +971 56 5542001

 To connect with us urgently connect to us on call. +971 56 5542001

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Air Ambulance

Varied range of Air transport is available depending upon passengers, type of care needed for patient and distance.

Medical Tourism

Trustworthy hands of doctors will safeguard your patient during the whole travel from one country to another.

Medical Charter Flight

Businesspeople, Celebrities or VIPs can opt for the Medical Chartered Flight for hassle-free medical transfer worldwide.

How It Works

Choose the suitable mode of transport, provide all medical essentials with medical escorts and finally fly off till the patient is in most safer hands.

About Us

We here at AIR Medical 24X7 provides worldwide medical travel that enables you to gain access to health centres and medical centres across the world, providing the best service at a cost you can pay for. 

Our main goal is to offer safe efficient, cost-effective, and prompt medical travelling services to our customers across the globe. We have access to hospitals, including the best doctors and surgeons from around the world. Our skilled team can meet the medical requirements of your clients and works swiftly to offer rapid and efficient solutions for our international clients. 

What People Say About Us

What People Say About Us

I had to travel to an hospital of New York for my treatment with some essential Medical Equipment’s as soon as possible. My family consulted Air Medical 24X7. They managed everything so promptly as was suggested by my doctor. During the travel, their Nurses and Doctor took my care so humbly and I must mention that they were very professional and skilful. Highly Recommend Air Medical 24X7.
Dubai, UAE
My mother was struggling with last stage cancer. One day the doctor suggested to transfer her to an hospital of Canada. It was a panic situation with lots of questions regarding the overseas Medical Travel. We had no time to waste. Someone suggested Air Medical for it and trust me it was my best decision. She got proper care, medical facility and got admitted to Canada hospital only the next day.
Jeddah, KSA
Must Recommend Air Medical 24X7 for all the efforts they make so calmly and professionally. The team members including the nurses and doctors are very humble. They are very experienced in their work. Their all the given suggestions were very helpful during the repatriation. I have a deep feeling of gratitude to them for all the high-quality hospitality they have given to us during the entire travel.
Florida, USA


1. What does air ambulance mean?

An ambulance is an aircraft that is modified into an ambulance for the patient willing to travel overseas. It is equipped with special equipment necessary for saving life. Generally, in some cases a medical escort is also provided at the air ambulance to look after the patient constantly during the journey.

2. What is the average cost of air ambulance in India?

Generally, an ambulance costs 1.6 lacs to 2.5 lacs per hour. The cost varies upon the type of ambulance, carrying capacity, distance to be travelled and the care to be given as prehospitalization in the flight.

3. Can I take an injection on the plane?

Yes, you can carry an injection on the plane.  The syringe you are carrying should be unused and safely cover. You must inform about these unusual items to security officers before.

4. What is the purpose of Air Ambulance?

The Air Ambulance serve many purposes like:
a. For medical emergency at another country.

b. For not so emergency but some medical treatments like orthodontistry, Face alignment, cosmetic surgery, hair extension etc.

5. How do disabled people fly?

Disabled people who require special assistance can fly in the Air with the help of assistance given by the airlines or airports. This is free of cost service, and it is the duty of airlines or airport to help you reach your destination safely and less stressful.

6. What are the advantages that medical tourism can bring?

One of the greatest advantages from medical tourism is patients has more convenience and quicker access to medical services. A lot of developed countries do not have access to quick and easy medical procedures and have long waiting lists.

7. How can you tell the differences between medical tourism and health tourism?

Medical tourism (also known as medical tourism or health tourism, or even health tourism in general) is the term that is used to refer to the growing trend of crossing international borders to access medical services. The services that travelers typically seek are elective procedures as well with complex surgeries.

8. What exactly is medical Flight?

The aircraft is not medically equipped and operated airplane that transports people. If permitted, they can carry oxygen supplemental along with other medical essentials suggested by the doctor. The patient may be assisted by the medical team or a caretaker, along with relatives and friends along.


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