Private Charter planes are used for the air ambulance services to provide ample space to the patients and designated crew and family.

Quickest Option

The Medical Charter flights are the fastest air ambulance service. It is the best alternative to opt for in times of urgency.

24x7 Service

It is our priority to deal with urgent medical emergencies. Thus, we provide round-the-clock services to cater to those who need us.

Expert Professionals

We have a team of expert professionals specially trained to look after any adversity or critical situation that might occur while travelling.


Private Charter Flights

Here, private charters or jet planes are used to provide air ambulance services. The flights are well-equipped with modern-day technologies and expert practitioners and provide the fastest service.

Heli Ambu

Commonly known as helicopter ambulances are the most widely used air ambulances to provide quick transportation for short distances. They are the best alternative as climate conditions don’t impact its movement much.