Repatriation Flights

Repatriation Flights

Medical repatriation refers to the return of a person to their home country for any medical reason. “Medical repatriation” brings comfort and care back home. Many travellers require air medical evacuation to return home after suffering injuries, illnesses, or trauma abroad. 

Process to book Medical Repatriation Flight

To book a medical repatriation flight, you can choose your aircraft depending on the distance to be travelled and the number of passengers.

You can book your aircraft online through our website. If you are unable to find the best one as per your needs or have any questions, Air Medical 24X7 Repatriation Consultants are available to assist you. You can send us a query or contact us via phone. Our experts will connect with you shortly. They will guide you with the best-suited, hand-picked options that serve all your needs and provide enough to make your journey hassle-free. 

Why Air Medical is Safest in Medical Repatriation?

Medical repatriation is a very crucial and responsible service. It is directly linked to someone’s precious life and family emotions. This is why Air Medical 24X7 leave no stone unturned to provide what is essential during any medical repatriation.

To provide the safest flight, we have made our repatriation system very strict and systematic. Prior to any flight, we contact a doctor at the hospital where the patient is being treated and request a pre-flight medical evaluation. The patient’s history and medical reports are thoroughly examined to determine whether the patient is medically fit to fly. 

Air Medical 24X7 flights also travels to higher altitudes than regular flights in order to provide a smoother flight experience and reduce turbulence. 

Services Air Medical 24X7 offers during Medical Repatriation

  • Experienced and caring healthcare staff and professional flight crew.
  • Wheelchair, stretcher, and other lifesaving medicines and equipment. 
  • Mobile ventilator, infusion pumps, and backup ventilator.
  • Specialised neonatal equipment and ICU units. 
  • Bed-to-bed patient transfers
  • Medical escort services.


1. What is the major difference between medical evacuation and repatriation?

Medical evacuation often refers to the services required to move a patient during an emergency, whereas medical repatriation typically refers to moving the patient back to their country or state of residence for recuperation or rehabilitation after receiving emergency care elsewhere.

2. Is Medical Repatriation cost covered in Medical Health Insurance?

 Insurance plans are of various types. The insurance coverage for medical repatriation flights depends upon your plan. Air Medical 24X7 evacuation coverage is mostly available in commercial insurance plans. This service is also available in some  Medicare Supplement plans. For more details, contact

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