Top 7 Advantages of Air Ambulance Stretchers

Air Ambulance Stretcher is the Best Option

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    If you’ve been injured and need to be transported to another medical facility, there are two choices available to you: the traditional ground ambulance or an air ambulance.

    Air ambulance stretchers can also be used on land, but since they are safer and more comfortable than regular stretchers, many hospitals and emergency services prefer air ambulance stretchers over the traditional kinds.

    #1 -Easy Access in an Emergency

    One of the top benefits is that it’s easier for emergency personnel to access a patient when they are on an air ambulance stretcher.

    This makes it much easier to provide initial care and stabilizing treatments before transporting a patient to the hospital. It also helps if there are multiple patients in need of medical attention because they can be placed on stretchers in a very orderly fashion.

    #2 -Minimized Risk of Injury

    A major advantage of air ambulance stretchers is that they minimize the risk of injury to both the flight crew and the patient.

    The stretcher is designed to keep the patient secure at all times, and this decreases the chance of injury during a flight. The stretcher also has in-built safety features that protect those handling it and ensure it will not shift or rotate while in transit.

    #3 -Standardized Design

    Air ambulances have a standardized design, which is often the most important factor in choosing an air ambulance stretcher.

    The stretchers are designed to fit a variety of different aircraft and they need to be able to meet emergency medical equipment requirements. This standardization helps ensure the safety and comfort of patients, as well as the safety and security of both the patient and crew.

    #4 -Able to Transport Taller Patients

    Air ambulance stretchers can be used to transport patients who are taller than the average person. This is due to the stretcher being raised off the ground and able to stretch out.

    #5 -Quiet and Smooth Experience

    A stretcher that is carried by the air ambulance crew is often a big improvement for patients who are scared or traumatized.

    This can be a huge advantage for children, the elderly, and those with an injury to their spine. The effect on patients can be likened to being rocked back and forth in a chair: it’s calming. It also helps reduce pain, since there’s less jarring as the stretcher is moved into the air ambulance and out again.

    #6 -Easier Handling, Lower Costs

    When you need to transport a patient long distances, the best stretcher for the job is an air ambulance stretcher. With today’s technology, these stretchers have become more lightweight and easier to move.

    Air ambulances are typically used in rural areas or towns with small airstrips, where it would be difficult for a heavy ambulance to get in or out of the area. They’re also used when patients need a higher level of care than can be provided on the ground by first responders, such as oxygen or intravenous fluids.

    Air ambulance stretchers are typically cheaper than their ground counterparts because they are lighter and take up less space on board an aircraft. Because they’re easier to handle and store, they don’t require as many staff members either.

    #7 -Increased Patient Comfort

    Air ambulance stretchers are a great choice for patients because they can fly higher in the sky than ground ambulances.

    This means that there is less wind resistance and more room for error in terms of turbulence. The stretcher may also be lower to the ground, which reduces noise from propellers and makes it easier for patients to hear an air ambulance coming their way.

    If you are injured or sick, don’t risk your life by riding on a surface ambulance. Get an air ambulance stretcher instead!


    Some patients are too ill or injured to transport by road and must be flown directly to the hospital. This means that it’s essential to have the right equipment, including stretchers that will keep the patient safe during the journey. Air ambulance stretchers are specially designed to meet the unique needs of air transport and provide several key advantages over standard stretchers or gurneys. Learn about these top seven advantages of air ambulance stretchers here!

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