VIP and Business Jet

VIP and Business Jet

In today’s competitive world, Air Medical 24X7 provides quick and efficient VIP and business jet service accompanied by the world’s most energetic professionals. We provide you with an elite benefit that aims to provide efficient assistance at a reasonable price. Our global presence and international alliances allow you to charter in any region of the globe. 

Our diverse assortment of fleets offers you many possibilities for your travel. All of our fleets are modernised and loaded with the latest equipment, aiming to provide the most comfortable trip of your life. 

We have earned the reputation of a trusted name in the world of business due to the professionalism of our skilled crew. Our crew members, who make up our panel are extremely experienced, have a lot of flying time and are well-versed in all weather conditions. Our relationships with airport authorities throughout the world allow for streamlined air and ground clearance of our charters, making our company the fastest service provider around the globe.

Jet for Emergency Medical Transport

Our medical air transportation services are accessible across the globe. As a service provider for medically equipped aircraft, we here at Air Medical 24X7 have a wide range of aircraft and private jets that are operated by highly skilled medical personnel and nurses who can provide lifesaving medical assistance during the flight. 



Our highly trained medical flight coordinators are aware that speed is crucial in the case of an urgent medical necessity. Our team responds to your message mostly within 24 hours, and in In In cases of urgency, we request that you call us directly. 

Our medical transportation service is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety for patients and their families. Our customers’ well-being and safety are always our top priorities. 

For more information or assistance from the experts, you can contact us freely online or via call.

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