Air Medical Escorts

Air Medical Escorts

We offer air ambulance escort services. A trained medical professional, such as a doctor, nurse, healthcare assistant, technician, or paramedic, will accompany the patient and be with them at all times so they can quickly administer first-aid care while using the appropriate emergency equipment. When it comes to ensuring a high standard of individualized treatment, Air Medical 24X7 has the best medical escorts team that is certified and skilled.

Air Ambulance Escorts Services

When you need to go to another country for surgery or treatment, numerous thoughts cross your mind, such as: Will the air medical escorts team give me the extra care I require after my surgery? Will they assist me if I feel uneasy? Are they qualified or not? All this keeps in mind: Air Medical 24X7 provides you with a skilled and knowledgeable air medical escort team before and after your surgery; they will take care of your well-being, and they will provide the best assistance if you require further care.

Air Medical 24X7 is among the world’s top-notch medical escort service providers for aircraft. We have an elite team of healthcare staff who are professional in handling serious and non-serious patients on the flight.

We at Air Medical 24X7 offer our clients a complete package of repatriation, medical tourism, air charters, and medical escorts in the fleet. We are adaptable and embrace customization. Every feature is modifiable as per your preferences, which includes:

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Physicians, paramedics, and experienced nurses
  • Wheelchair 
  • Stretcher

Why trust our Air Medical Escorts?

Air Medical 24X7 employs highly skilled and experienced medical experts that have additional training and knowledge in taking care of overseas patients.

Our medical staff consists of physicians, licensed practical nurses, and paramedics with experience in both flight physiology and out-of-hospital transport medicine. They are well-aware of what to expect in the air and are prepared to deal with any situation that may arise.


1. What's the function that an Escort plays?

Escort is the term used to describe a service offered to accompany a person, a group of people, or even a vehicle in order to offer guidance and security.

2. How much will Medical Escorts cost?

 A typical medical escort for commercial use transporting a patient in the U.S. can range anywhere between $6,000 and $75,000, with the price of the tickets being among the primary factors.

3. What exactly is Medical Escort and Transportation?

The service offers transportation or a person to accompany clients between their homes and medical appointments as well as treatments (for instance, at hospitals and clinics for outpatients with specialist expertise, or at polyclinics).

4. Where to find Medical Escorts?

In order to get more information about medical escorts, you can contact They will not only provide medical escorts but will also recommend the best option based on your needs. 

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