Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the process of travelling across the world for intensive medical treatment. It is a cost-effective option for foreign tourists seeking to frequently receive high-quality medical care in overseas countries that are less expensive than their own country while maintaining better quality standards. Medical tourists can expect state-of-the-art technology, world-class doctors, and cutting-edge surgical methods at hospitals worldwide. Travelling overseas for surgery or other sorts of health care allows you to save money on your operation while also gaining access to top-tier medical procedures that are not available in your native country.

Facilities we Provide

1). Travel assistance – Air Medical 24X7 assists you in a variety of ways when it comes to medical tourism and related services. To transport patients, we provide both ground ambulance and air ambulance services, which include bed-to-bed transfers with stretcher/wheelchair with ICU configuration. The medical escort team is also present in an ambulance to take care of the patient’s minor needs, like blood pressure and pulse rate. A ventilator service is additionally offered for patients who are very ill.

2). Provision of expenses/costs estimates according to advised treatment, and expected duration of stay.

3). Visa AssistanceDue to our affiliations with 100 to 400 hospitals and 900+ travel agencies worldwide, we do help patients and clients if they need any help while applying for a visa. Additionally, we help with the processing of documents linked to visas as well as the issuance of invitation letters for medical visas. We do have a network of medical professionals in our contact list, so the best one can assist you based on your needs.

4). We also provide interpreter services at the hospital, so whenever someone from outside the city comes for medical treatment or surgery and does not know the language of that city, we provide the service of an interpreter who assists them in translating the language into their language, so that language is no longer a barrier.

5). Global hospitalisation – We assist our clients by providing them with the best treatment and consultation services at the right time with the right doctors for their problems.

6). Travel Health insurance – We create customised packages that better meet the unique requirements of each situation for those who need complicated surgical treatments. We also help our clients obtain the best health insurance plan through our network of medical specialists if they do not currently have health insurance.

7). Payment Facilities – Using credit/debit cards, Western Union transfers, and foreign currencies

8). Boarding & Lodging Arrangements – We do oblige the patient’s family to locate a better staycation nearby because in a hospital, only one person is permitted to be with the patient, therefore we do support our clients in locating the appropriate lodging for the patient’s family in an emergency.


All the above transportation means are well equipped with life-support equipment recommended by your doctors. We do not compromise the comfort of the patient. Our specialised team of experts also makes sure that the paperwork needed is done on time before taking off the flight to provide hassle-free flying and bed-to-bed transfers in the hospital or at home.

In the case of a need for medical escorts, professional and experienced medical personnel are provided on the flight to take constant care of the patient. Many a time, we learn about the need for a language translator to avoid a language barrier during repatriation. This could be during the travel time or when reaching the hospital and not being familiar with the language. This time, we were also able to provide a medical translator in order to provide a more premium experience.

In this way, the management of Air Medical leaves no stone unturned to provide safe, reliable, and quick responses as per the client’s needs. So, for any medical non-emergency or emergency needs, likewise cosmetic surgery, dentistry, organ transplantation, cardiac surgery, orthopaedic surgery, reproductive-related treatment, or any other medical need, contact us for our services at the level of your utmost satisfaction.


1. What do you mean by Medical Tourism?

It is a type of tourism where the purpose of traveling to another country to seek medical help. Every year thousands of people travel for the medical emergency and non-emergency treatments across the globe.

2. Why do clients prefer medical tourism?

Major reason of traveling to another country for the purpose of medical care is the lesser cost of treatment. Sometimes those who are away from home also wants to get treated in the home country to get proper care and assistance. Many times, people do not have insurance covered in the foreign country.

Medical tourism flight is legally accepted except the fact that it is being used in non-ethical way.

4. Which countries have maximum medical tourism?

Korea, US, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan are some of the top leading countries in medical tourism.

7. Who are medical tourists?

Medical tourists are the people who travel to seek some sort of medical help and are generally from the developed countries having high cost of medical treatments. They travel to developing countries where the treatment cost is low but there is no compromise with the quality.:

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