Air Charter

Air Charter

The charter plane is an unscheduled trip that isn’t part of the regular routes of airlines. If you hire a charter plane, you can rent the entire aircraft and determine the location of departure/arrival and times. There are many types that Air Ambulance Charter Services.

Non-emergency Medical Charter Flight

Medical charters are a different service offered via Air Medical 24X7. In most cases you think about private charters, it is used for business travel and flying to a tiny airport, or maybe an excursion. Did you know that there are instances when flying in a private aircraft is recommended or necessary due to medical reasons? If needed private chartered aircraft are essential in various life-threatening and emergency situations.

Air Medical 24X7 can help and guidance for all kinds of charter medical flights. Learn more about the differences between them. You can also contact our expert in the field of aircraft private and commercial to get immediate assistance with booking or any query.

Non-Emergency Medical Flights

These flights are intended for those who are healthy and mobile enough to move around with their own body strength. Although not necessarily an emergency situation, these people might require additional help that is not normally provided due to:

  • Disease. Someone may be too sick to travel, and may not be able to sit comfortably flying commercially. One example is complications following surgery in the body’s immune system and injuries, chemotherapy or transplants, as well as when you are over 36 weeks pregnant.
  • Special Needs. One may have an illness that is physical or another physical limitation that requires additional access.

It is possible to be accompanied by medical personnel as well as family and other passengers on non-urgent medical flights. If medical attention is not required during your journey, a regular private jet charter might be the better option in your case.

Frequently Asked Question's

1. How do I contact Air Charter experts?

We here at Air Medical 24X7 offer you to contact at . Our Air charter experts through call on via message. You can send us query also and our air charter experts will contact you shortly.

Here we try to offer the best quality of service that our customers need. We are best in providing right solution for your need that could save your time and cost both. Our staff is available to any time so do not afraid to ask any query. We will be happy to answer your all the related queries.

2. How can I locate the best charter flight?

To make sure you get the best price possible. To your ease you can just send us a query and our expert team will contact you within 24 hours.

3. What can provide air charter service?

To become an Air charter service provider, you first need to obtain your operating certificate, which is issued by the FAA. This is a strict process that was designed to guarantee the highest level of safety to the public at large when renting aircraft.

4. What is the price to charter a small aircraft?

The cost of chartering the plane could range from $1200 to $10,000 per billable hour. The range is wide likewise, from tiny turboprops to the largest high-end business aircrafts. In addition to the hourly price of the aircraft, there are several factors that influence the cost of chartering private jets.

5. How many seats are there on an airplane charter?

Like commercial aircrafts Private jets of a larger size can carry more passengers and have a capacity of 20 passengers. Mid-sized charter flights be able to accommodate between 8-12 passengers while smaller flights have more than 6 passengers. 

6. How do air charters operate?

The charter plane is an unscheduled trip that is not part of the regular routes of airlines. If you hire a charter plane, you can rent the whole aircraft and are able to determine the departure/arrival dates and locations. There are many types of flights for charter.

7. What is the process for air charters?

Charter flights are an unscheduled flight which is not a flight route of a normal commercial airline. In the event that you hire a charter plane you can rent the entire plane and decide on the locations of departure and arrival as well as times.

So, what to wait for. Send us your query no matter emergency or non-emergency service. We at Air medical 24X7 are always ready to assist you with our years of experience in the same field.

Types of Air Charters

VIP & Business Jet

Air Medical 24X7 is providing a quick and efficient service of VIP and business jets for the most energetic professionals around the world.

Group Charters

Group charter aircrafts are meant to travel across the world in a group where the occupancy ranges from 5 to 200 people at a time.


Air Medical 24X7 offers a premium service of Helicopter to our clients. This could be served for Medical Emergency or Non-Emergency needs.

Repatriation Flight

Medical repatriation refers to the returning of a person to their home country for any medical reason. “Medical Repatriation” bring comfort and care back to home.