Air Ambulance Service In Aligarh

Air Ambulance Service In Aligarh

Aligarh is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative seat of the Aligarh district. The government invests a significant portion of its budget in healthcare facilities in order to enhance the level of living for its citizens and the quality of medical services. Air medical transportation service is one of the many cutting-edge medical technologies being implemented in the country. The need for air ambulances is increasing all around the world. Yet, there are two more modes of transportation that may be used for medical transportation: land and air. For short distances, road medical transportation is the most cost-effective and perfect alternative, yet it might fail catastrophically in traffic and result in the loss of a precious life. Hence, air travel is the greatest and shortest mode of medical transportation.

Why air ambulance?

Air ambulances take patients to the healthcare institutions of their choosing so that they might receive better medical care. Patients in critical condition can be transferred rapidly by air ambulance, which also responds promptly to emergencies. Medical experts with the necessary expertise and cutting-edge life support equipment guarantee that patients get critical care while travelling to their destination. Because of their greater working range, air ambulances are more practical than land ambulances. Air ambulances travel at high speeds because every second counts in an emergency.


Air Ambulances in Aligarh provide numerous services. These services in the Air Ambulance work coordinatively to save emergency patients. 


Those services are:-


  • Quick response team
  • Expert paramedics
  • Convenience of time
  • AAA-approved equipment


These services are going to discuss below. 


1. Quick response team

Aligarh’s air ambulance team has been despatched to respond to all emergency requirements across the state. The primary responsibility of the personnel is to gather all relevant information about the emergency patients and the suitable location. As soon as they are told, the staff contacts the air medical professional paramedics and thoroughly explains the case. Upon the conclusion of the talk, a call is placed to the emergency location. Before then, capable paramedics and pilots had raced to the site and assisted in stabilising the emergency patient. After the patient is stabilised, he or she is sent to the hospital for proper treatment. Employees are given the training to help them with any job uncertainties.

2. Expert paramedics

Aligarh Air Ambulances have provided paramedics who are experienced at saving emergency patients or stabilising them till they get to the hospital. To work as a paramedic in an air ambulance in Aligarh, one must pass tests and finish training. They operate under the guidance of the paramedics’ team after finishing their training, and after gaining significant experience, they are promoted to expert paramedics.


3. Convenience of time

In order to receive medical emergency help, people must always have it on time, as we have a large number of medical specialists on standby to make this feasible. With this approach, we may offer air medical services whenever needed. As a consequence, this Aligarh air ambulance may immediately save those in need of medical care. In order for air ambulances to operate successfully, skilled paramedics, pilots, and staff personnel responding to every emergency call must be changed after a few hours.


4. AAA-approved equipment

Air Medical 24X7 has access to equipment that has received AAA accreditation in Aligarh. The equipment is being put in all of the transportation facilities. All of this equipment, together with highly qualified paramedic personnel, enables us to provide the best possible care to all medical emergency patients. 


Patients are transported by air ambulance to hospitals and healthcare institutions so that they can receive the finest medical treatment available. Air ambulances are the most dependable, secure, well-equipped, efficient, and safe way to transport patients. They are also quick, convenient, and safe. The Aligarh air ambulance service will improve and standardise medical services while also boosting the national healthcare system’s level.

Questions that are often asked

Yes. All air ambulances are equipped with advanced life-saving equipment to provide immediate care until definitive care can be provided at a hospital.

If you  require an air ambulance, the patient pays according to the service chosen and location. 

Once the patient has been stabilised, he/she is transferred to a local hospital where further care will be provided.

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