Air Ambulance Service In DR Congo

Air Ambulance Service In DR Congo

The air ambulance service in DR Congo is provided by Airmedical24x7. AirMedical 24×7 has been providing medical assistance to people who need urgent care. We have been operating in the country for a long time. We have grown into a larger network of facilities.

Air Ambulance service

The Air Ambulance industry has grown rapidly over the past few decades due to increased public awareness of emergency medical services and technological advances in aviation medicine. Today, there are many different types of air ambulance services operating around the world. In recent years, the number of air ambulance calls has risen dramatically. This increase in demand can be attributed to several factors including population growth, ageing populations, increasing rates of chronic diseases, and the rising cost of healthcare.


Most people around the world have never heard of air ambulances, but this type of emergency medical transportation has been used for many years in other parts of the world. There are two types of air ambulance services: fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Fixed-wing aircraft can transport patients over short distances whereas helicopters can transport injured people over longer distances. In some cases, where injuries are severe, both types of aircraft may be necessary to get the patient’s help.

In DR Congo, Air Medical 24X7 provides medical services which include care via aircraft to patients who are unable to receive adequate medical attention at their local hospital. We also provide advanced life support including CPR, intubation, defibrillation, intravenous therapy, oxygen administration, medications, and other treatments.

Our Air ambulances are usually staffed by paramedics, physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, flight crew members, and occasionally pilots or navigators. They may operate from fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. In some cases, they may use both types of aircraft.

What are the characteristics of an Air Ambulance provided by Air Medical 24X7? 


Air Ambulance is a medical transportation service that provides emergency medical care to patients who need immediate transport to hospitals.  In the Air Ambulance service in DR Congo, we can provide advanced life support (ALS) services to critically ill or injured patients. They may also provide basic life support (BLS) services to less critical patients.

At Air medical 24×7 our primary goal of an air ambulance is to get patients to the hospital as soon as possible. This is achieved through rapid pre-hospital assessment and treatment. In addition to transporting patients to the hospital, air ambulances often provide paramedic training to local EMS providers. In addition to providing critical care transportation, our air ambulances can provide advanced life support equipment, including ventilators and defibrillators.

 Characteristics of air ambulance in air ambulance service in DR Congo include: 

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Transport of seriously injured or sick people
  • Prehospital care 
  • Patient monitoring
  • Patient stabilisation
  • Transportation of patients to the hospital
  • Post-hospital follow-up care


 What are the services provided by Airmedical24x7? 


Air Ambulance service is usually used in situations where the patient’s health is at risk due to distance from medical facilities, weather conditions, etc. At Air Medical 24X7 and in DR Congo we provide a variety of services to our clients. These are as follows:

1.Transfer from a commercial aeroplane on a stretcher: 

We offer a range of transport options for our patients. We aim to get them to the hospital quickly and safely, and we can arrange everything from private jets to helicopters and ambulances. We also provide an Air Ambulance service as part of the commercial flight part of this help, and this is one of the most affordable air ambulance services available. The plane is equipped for this purpose. You may even bring along a close family member to help you on your journey. In addition to the aircraft, we have a fully functioning intensive care unit.

2.Getting off a commercial airliner in a wheelchair

Air Medical 24×7 offers a commercial airline transfer service for people with mobility issues. People who need wheelchair assistance when boarding and leaving an aircraft can use this service. The service allows passengers with disabilities who have recovered at least 50% to travel from their home airports to their departing airports.


3. Medical chartered flights

Medical air chartered is a flight where the patient is transported from one location to another. The patient may need to go to a different hospital because of the severity of his/her condition. In other terms, it is called a bed-to-bed transfer. The patient will be picked up at the airport and taken to the destination hospital. Both pick-up and drop-off services will be provided by the same Air Ambulance crew.


4. Medical tourism

Medical tourism allows patients from developed countries to travel abroad to receive medical treatment. It can include procedures, surgeries and dental care. Patients can also receive prescriptions, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, rehabilitation and other health-related treatments. Medical tourism services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Bangladesh by Air Medical24X7. Air Medical 24X7 manages the entire process including entry visas, ticketing, charter flights and accommodation. All elements of each service are overseen by Air Medical 24X7.

What type of equipment does Airmedical24x7 use? 


At Air Medical 24X7, we have all the necessary equipment and resources to provide you with the best possible service. We also have access to the latest technologies and procedures. All of our staff members have undergone extensive training and have a lot of experience. We are always ready to answer your calls at any hour of the day or night. All our equipment is FAA approved. You can rely on us and we always make sure that our services are best delivered to each client.


Why should we prefer AirMedical 24x7?

 In air ambulance service in DR Congo – 


  1. We are the best air ambulance service provider that provides emergency medical services around the clock.
  2.  We provide our services 24/7. 
  3. Our team of well-trained and experienced professionals is ready to assist you at any time.
  4. We provide different types of air ambulances.
  5.  We can take care of your loved ones anywhere across the globe. If they need immediate attention then call us now.
  6. Our mission is to ensure that everyone receives the highest quality healthcare possible. We do this by providing the finest patient care and customer satisfaction. We understand how stressful situations can be and want to help ease those fears.

Questions that are often asked

1. What do I need to know about air ambulance services?

 Air Ambulance Service is a medical transportation system that provides emergency transport of patients. It provides fast and reliable care to critically ill or injured people who are unable to reach the hospital themselves.

2.How does an air ambulance work?

 The patient’s location is determined through a phone call. Once the dispatcher has confirmed the emergency, they contact the closest air ambulance, provider. This provider then arranges transport to the nearest airport where the patient can be picked up by helicopter.

3. Are there different types of air ambulances?

Yes, there are two types of air ambulances: fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Fixed-wing aircraft have propeller engines while helicopters use jet engines. Both types of aircraft are equipped with life-saving equipment like oxygen tanks, defibrillators, and first aid kits.

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