Air ambulance in Sri Lanka

Air ambulance in Sri Lanka

Need to save more patients, the need for medical support is mandatory. Medical support is being provided in various ways or through transportation facilities. People tend to have an ambulance which is used to travel via road. The ambulance can be of various types like road ambulance, air ambulance like helicopters, charter planes, etc., and overseas planes used to transport the patient from one place to another. In this article, we will be mainly talking about the air ambulance in Sri Lanka. Air ambulance is an economical market that is spreading its legs day by day.

Why air ambulance?

In the cases of emergencies, the need for ambulances increases appreciably. Hence, Sri Lanka is a heavily populated country, and the air ambulance is the only way to reach the patient for the cure/treatment in an emergency. Air ambulances transport patients from one place to another without losing much time. In a state of emergency, every time counts to save the patient from the state of emergencies. 

Why choose us?

Air ambulance is a very high investment, and it is a growing business which is a good cause to save the patient in emergencies. All the air ambulances in Sri Lanka are equipped with AAA-approved machinery, which helps stabilise the patient during transportation. Air ambulance also has qualified and expert doctors/paramedics who help stabilise the patient in a state of emergency so that the patient can be transported to the hospital for proper treatment. Air ambulance in Sri Lanka consists of helicopters and chartered planes. For short-distance helicopters and long distances, chartered planes are used. All the planes and helicopters are equipped with all the medical tools and heavy machinery, which helps stabilise the patient easily.

Features of our ambulance

Air ambulance in Sri Lanka provides best-in-class services to the patients. We provide airlifting of the patient if necessary. The need for an air ambulance can be at any time; hence, it is available 24X7, both helicopters and planes, for emergencies. 


The medical support team are well-qualified and experienced so that they can handle any issues with ease. Air ambulance in Sri Lanka is also loaded with qualified and expert paramedics with full gear with best in class equipment to deliver the high-class medical treatment and safe shifting of the patients with ease. The paramedical team will also assist when the patient can transport from one place to another. We also provide services at the airport for immediate and contented boarding. The paramedical team are skilful in providing medical support and repatriation services to the patients. By reducing the time, the patients can be saved by the doctors available in the hospitals. 

The services of air ambulance in Sri Lanka work every time means, at the time of emergency or non-emergency conditions. The paramedic team is ready to accomplish the transfer of critical patients from one place to another. The transport location can be in the city or the other country. We provide all kinds of these services to gain the people’s trust as it is an economical business and to grow. Air ambulance provides services at ground service ambulance for road shifting patients. Air ambulance in Sri Lanka also provides the best air ambulance during natural disasters with highly equipped helicopters and transporting them to safe and secure places. 

Air ambulance in Sri Lanka also specialises in transporting patients from hospitals to health care facilities, rehabilitation centres, or private residences with the same service we have used to transport the patient to the hospital for emergencies. Air ambulance in Sri Lanka is equipped with heavy machinery and equipment, which are the tools to save the patient’s life the stabilisation until they reach the nearest hospital for medical services. Air ambulance is specialised in transportation, medevac flights and air medical transportation. We have a skilled and expert paramedical team to deal with any situation easily. 

Call to actions

Air ambulance in Sri Lanka is one of the economical services. Hence, the services should be better than any other services provided by anyone. With the best skilled paramedical team and AAA-approved equipment, saving and stabilising the patient’s health becomes each and hence can be transported to the hospital. People tend to use this facility to save their loved ones’ life as the services provided by air ambulance is fast, hence the chances or probability of saving the life of the patients.

  1. We offer an Air Ambulance service at a price that is affordable to you.
  2. At any time, you may call on a specialised team to help you with your medical emergency.
  3. We always respond quickly because we recognise the importance of saving lives.
  4. Our ambulances are fully equipped with all necessary equipment and are at your disposal.
  5. Quality matters to us and our air ambulance is the best nationwide.

How to book an Air ambulance with us ?

Get in touch with us now!

Contacting us is just a piece of cake now. Since we provide 24×7 service to our clients just call on our helpline number +971 56 554 2001 or fill the form on our website. We are always there to assist you.

Questions that are often asked

1. Can I rely on an air ambulance completely?

Yes. All air ambulances are equipped with advanced life-saving equipment to provide immediate care until definitive care can be provided at a hospital.

2. How much does an air ambulance cost?

If you  require an air ambulance, the patient pays according to the service chosen and location. 

3. What happens after my loved one arrives at the receiving facility?

Once the patient has been stabilised, he/she is transferred to a local hospital where further care will be provided.

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