Air Medical Transport Tips for Geriatric Patients


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    Numerous old age people are going at a greater pace as the population is increasing day by day. Regardless of some countries like India, there are many countries in which many old age people reside like Japan. The prediction is that in 2060 almost 10,151,469,683 will be population. With such high numbers, there is a requirement for well-fortified medical support. 

    The support of medical should be available in all the aspects like land, water, and air. Although the air is the fastest mode of transport concerning other mediums. And hence, the cost is also high. 

    Geriatrics needs medical assistance quickest as they suffer from numerous diseases because the body does not work efficiently. Although there are some patients which suffer from social, physical to cognitive challenges. To overcome those situations, a set of crew are required to comfort them during their ride to the medical facility. 

    In this article, we are going to talk about air support for Geriatric Patients. Points to ponder are:

    • Travelling Partner
    • Proper support for the well-being
    • Basis Requirements
    • Medical Adjustments
    • Logistics Management
    • Communication Provision
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    Travelling Partner

    Geriatric patients need an excellent traveling partner as they tend to have better journey experience. Patients with dementia and Alzheimers need extra care as they feel very uncomfortable and sensitive to their surroundings. The medical crew which helps them to transport must be equipped with all the basic needs and need to be passionate and compassionate towards their patients. They should have much higher tolerance power to deal with these kinds of patients. These patients do not discuss their problems of being uncomfortable, the crew should be able to identify the problem and deal with it asap. There are special techniques that help to deal with this kind of geriatric patient which helps them to be comfortable. Hence, having a traveling partner will be a comfort to their patients both physically and mentally. 

    Proper support for the Well-being

    As these patients are very sensitive to their surroundings, they feel uncomfortable seeking help. So, the crew member should take extra measures. Example like at higher altitudes, they seek cool and hence the requirement for a blanket; due to the sound of aircraft, some tend to have irritations; turbulence when taking off and landing creates discomfort to them; when moving out of aircraft after landing, covering their heads to keep them warm: are the basic needs which the crew members need to do. They do not guess or ask for help, indeed the crew members need to assist them. 

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    Basic requirement

    The basic requirements for geriatric patients are the oxygen tanks as the air gets thinner when the altitude increases, the skincare provision as the skin gets damaged during traveling, and the need for water which helps the patients to stay hydrated. The risk of chronic diseases increases such as heart stuffiness which is caused due to higher altitudes. Due to changes in altitudes, there should be the presence of oxygen administration which makes them easy in breathing. The crew should be ready to help people which makes the patients comfortable. 

    The crew members have to take special care of the skincare. During traveling their skin suffers from skin breakdown and hence need creme to avoid those. Crew members should be equipped with a padded stretcher so that they should change their positions to ensure that they are comfortable. 

    Geriatric patients do suffer from dehydration as the altitude increases. Crew members should be equipped with water or fluids which help them to stay hydrated and the application of lotions will allow skin helps to stay hydrated. 

    Medical Adjustments

    Different geriatric patients tend to have different stress and anxiety level which vary among different groups. If these sensitivities become severe they lead to major diseases like delirium, cognitive impairment, increased anxiety, itching, and restlessness. To avoid all these situations, crew members are always equipped with medicines and fluids which help to overcome these issues and hence they feel more comfortable. If all these situations get avoided, they could lead to adverse reactions in the patient. 

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    Logistics Management

    Geriatric patients do not feel comfortable when located from one place to another. Hence, the work of crew members increases and they need to take special care of the patients. The use of pillows, linen, and blankets will help the patients to feel very much comfortable. Many patients suffer from kyphosis and extreme which occurs due to relocation or moving. Creative packaging, padding or movement techniques will help them to be comfortable at most stages. Crew members need to take special care of those patients as it can lead to major issues in no time. 

    Communication Provisions

    Communication is the key to all the issues which are listed in this topic. Communicating with the patients will help them to resolve most of the issues that they face and hence will be better at providing comfort to them with ease. For those situations, crew members should be able to practice in those environments so that they can understand the requirement of the patients and provide the best possible outcomes. Some of the patients will not able to express their medical emergencies and hence the crew members will need to help them to provide comfort. 


    Geriatric patients needed to take care of when traveling by the air medium. Air is the medium in which the altitudes rise and hence it becomes very much difficult for the patients to survive in those situations. Hence, the need for a crew member who will help the patient in all the possible outcomes to provide him comfort and ease in all the situations. 

    Although it is the fastest mode of transportation and hence, the risk of the patients increases, and the need to take special care of them. The crew members should be capable of providing all the comfort to the patients and help in each situation with ease.

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